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Commercial Photography

"Marketing Your Business Starts with a Great Picture"

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A well composed photo of your business speaks volumes to those you are trying to reach.

A great photo can provide that first positive impression for your prospective customers and solidify the impressions of your current client base.

With over 30 years of marketing experience, Pete can help you in planning an effective marketing strategy by providing great on-site photography of your business.

Whether its images of your employees, products, facilities or a business event, Pete has a proven ability in capturing professional quality photos to dynamically market your business.

Pete's commercial photography has appeared in numerous magazines, newspapers, and direct mail promotions. In addition, his photography has been used in business web sites, trade catalogs and directories.
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Pete is an experienced photographer, successfully completing projects in these key areas:

Corporate/Business Photography- Images of employees, facilities, products, processes or corporate events
Architectural and Interior Design Photography- Buildings, interiors, interior design, site construction

Industrial Photography- Industrial plants, equipment, manufacturing, industrial construction

Product Photography- Promotional photography for specific products which may include close-up, detailed shots

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All images are digital and taken in high resolution.

Rates are based on your needs. Hourly, half-day and full day rates available

For additional information or to schedule a photo shoot call Pete at 219-670-2092, or email him at

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