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Chicago Lakefront     Commercial     Woodmar CC/Golf

Indiana Dunes Gallery-1
Dunes Most Recent           Dunes One            Dunes Two           Dunes Three            Dunes Four           Dunes Five

02-Duneland Dream
02-Duneland Dream
Dunes Golden Hour
04-Dunes Golden Hour
Dunes in Contrast
05-Dunes in Contrast
06-Indiana Dunes
06-Indiana Dunes
07 Sand Less Traveled
07-Sand Less Traveled
Dunes at Noon
09-Dunes at Noon

Winter Solace
10-Winter Solace

Winter Ice Flow
11-Winter Ice Flow
Dunes in Fall
12-Dunes in Fall
Dunes Sunset
13-Dunes Sunset
Beachfront Beauty
14-Beachfront Beauty
Atop Mt. Baldy
15-Atop Mt. Baldy
Duneland Colors
16-Duneland Colors
Glassy Shores
17-Glassy Shores
Mt. Baldy Climb
19-Mt. Baldy Climb
Lonely Tree
20-Lonely Tree
Dunes in Spring Bloom
22-Dunes in Spring
Lakefront Pines
26-Lakefront Pines

Michigan City Harbor
28-Michicagan City Harbor

Spring Dunes
30-Spring Dunes
Summer Dunes
31-Summer Dunes

Oasis in the Dunes
34-Oasis in the Dunes

Beached Birch
35-Beached Birch
Cool Breeze
36-Cool Breeze
Sunset Pallet
37-Sunset Pallet
July Sunset
38-July Sunset
Sand Dune Trail
39-Sand Dune Trail
Windswept Dunes
41-Windswept Dunes
Michigan City Lighthouse
146- Michigan City Lighthouse
Chellberg Tall Trees
147- Chellberg Tall Trees.jpg
Fall Sand Trail
148- Fall Sand Trail
High Dunes Fall
150- High Dunes Fall.jpg
High Dunes Sky
151-High Dunes Sky
Perfect Dunes Sky
153-Perfect Dunes Sky
Chellberg Late Fall
154-Chellberg Late Fall
Sundown Dunes
156- Sundown Dunes

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